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Tricia Rongstad: "Three years ago, my mom, sister and I were walking in Savannah, and across the street the most brilliant blues, verdant greens and pops of red beckoned from a sun-streamed window. The colors and joy of the paintings drew us inside. Tiffani and her mom were setting up for the Gallery opening, but they graciously let us look around. Since then, I have been thrilled to follow the Gallery and Tiffani's website as they achieve much-deserved success. Growing up, I joked I wanted to be a Victoria's Secret model and marry a man from the Eddie Bauer catalog. We'd live in Pottery Barn and take field trips to Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone and Better Homes and Gardens. Well, I outgrew that fantasy. Now I just want Tiffani Taylor to design my life!"


Cody Taylor: "We have been to the gallery once... and loved it! Hope to get back soon!"


Angie Cousins: "So impressed with Tiffani's style and most importantly her passion. I look forward to collecting more of her work and working together on a potential philanthropic project."


Krista Roepke: "I love Tiffani's work so much, that I always make it a point to stop into her gallery whenever I'm on my way to/from Florida. There isn't a prettier room in Savannah! So nice to meet you today, Tiffani. One day, I will buy one of your incredible paintings! :)"


Michelle Crenshaw: "Tiffani is a delight to visit with. My husband & I were in her gallery on our anniversary and she added an extra bit of joy to our day. Her art touches the soul." 


Jill Myers: "Tiffani is such a gem! Her art is exquisite and reflects her open and generous heart. Her gallery is a must see when you are in Savannah!" 


Sally Griffith: "This gallery was absolutely beautiful, filled with paintings that I love! I hope to get back to it soon, but until then, the pictures on this site give you an idea of the wonderful things that are there! And Tiffani was so gracious and charming - the perfect hostess!"