Healthcare Ethics Consortium and Emory University Center for Ethics’ 20th Annual Conference! Embracing Change: Balancing Innovation and Our Humanity



 Tiffani Taylor will be collaborating with ethicist Mary Ann Bowman Beil, at Emory University during the 20th Annual Conference of the Healthcare Ethics Consortium to assist all of the conference attendees in the creation of a public piece of art that will reflect the ethicist's craft. 

In celebration of the consortium's 20th year, participants will be invited to join in the creation of a public piece of art made up of the text and images that best reflect their experience and challenges as ethicists, professionals and caregivers.  Over the two days, they will join Tiffani and other artists applying their scraps of ethical work on a 60" x 48" canvas.  Guided by Tiffani Taylor, who is recognized nationally as a gifted painter and collage artist, Conference attendees will bring, create, write and apply special photographs, stamps, postcards, letters and images to be  adhered to the canvas.  All supplies and extra ephemera will be provided a gratis.  Protective smocks  and gloves will also be provided as each person lends their thoughts as part of the beauty.  Taylor will have a prepared, stained canvas, which--to her--is very much indicative of the ebb and flow of life and the human condition.

Participants will be applying their thoughts, energy, text and imagery to the canvas using archival methods Taylor has utilized in her fifteen years as a professional artist and owner of the Tiffani Taylor Gallery.  Taylor is an Alumna of the Savannah College of Art and Design (B.F.A. Painting, 2002, in which she graduated Valedictorian and M.A. in Art History, SCAD, 2003.)

During the two day Consortium, Ms. Taylor will paint cherry blossoms to symbolize Hope and Unity.  Taylor will also apply traditional gold leaf to make manifest the gestalt and value of the ideas and energy of all who contributed to the project.  The final painting will be donated to the Center for Ethics.

ABOUT MARY ANN BOWMAN BEIL:  An innovative and solutions-focused, healthcare executive for the past 22 years at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia, Mary Ann has devoted the past two years as the system's Ethics Officer to redesigning how ethics is integrated in healthcare operations in academic medicine. Her interest in narrative bioethics led to the exploration of collage as a way to think about expanding the ethical conversation to embrace the growing landscape of digital text and imaging in medicine. Mary Ann is a founding member of the Healthcare Ethics Consortium and currently serves on the organization's Board of Advisers.

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Kathy Kinlaw
Associate Director &
Program Director, Health Science and Ethics
Emory University Center for Ethics
Director, Healthcare Ethics Consortium
Assistant Professor, Pediatric
Calrton Mackey
Director, Ethics & the Arts Program
Assistant Director, D. Abbott Turner Program
in Ethics and Leadership

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Posted on March 16, 2014 .