Cherry Blossoms: A Prayer, Hope, Beauty and Unity... 60" x 48" In the pemanent Collection of Emory University Ethics Division

"Cherry Blossoms: Hope, Beauty, Unity..." 60" x 48"

Tiffani was honored to paint and collaborate with the Ethics Department of Emory University during their 20th Consortium. It was a heartwarming and inspiring event, with some participants writing their personal Truths, thoughts, and quotes. Some wrote inspired by the Bible. There were so many diverse thoughts, feelings, and sentiments written over the day and a half. ALL inspired!

As participants wrote, Tiffani painted and connected their ephemera with branches and twigs and an abundance of pink cherry blossoms and Gold.

About Tiffani's Collaboration with Mary Ann Bowman Beil:  Tiffani has always considered Mary Ann a mentor and dearest Tribe member since 1999.  About Mary Ann: 

MARY ANN BOWMAN BEIL:  An innovative and solutions-focused, healthcare executive for the past 22 years at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia, Mary Ann has devoted the past two years as the system's Ethics Officer to redesigning how ethics is integrated in healthcare operations in academic medicine. Her interest in narrative bioethics led to the exploration of collage as a way to think about expanding the ethical conversation to embrace the growing landscape of digital text and imaging in medicine. Mary Ann is a founding member of the Healthcare Ethics Consortium and currently serves on the organization's Board of Advisers.

Special thank you to Kathy Kinlaw:  Associate Director & Program Director, Health Science and Ethics Emory University Center for Ethics and Director, Healthcare Ethics Consortium, Assistant Professor, Pediatric.  A special thank you to Calrton Mackey:  Director, Ethics & the Arts Program Assistant Director, D. Abbott Turner Program in Ethics and Leadership.

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Posted on March 25, 2014 .