Celebrating Our Third Year at the Gallery with the Divinely Talented ASHLEY CRAWFORD! We are Moving Forward into 0ur Third Year!

With the Divinely talented Ashley Crawford, we celebrated our Blessed Journey as a small business, Art Gallery, and mother daughter Team.  It has not been easy and both my mom and I, as well as our extended family and Tribe have been with us, prayed for our success, and we appreciate you all very very very much!!!

The excellent Souls who enter our Gallery and see more than just a "Painted Garden," are also the ones who touch us in such a way, we will never be the same.  Always Look Closer...  There are so many people who enter the Gallery and feel the palpable good energy and the Journey of Art.

Ashley and Tiffani

Ashley Crawford and her best friend, Cheryl Sarten, are two of these excellent Souls.  When Ashley's family surprised her with a painting from my Gallery, she was inspired to break out into Divine Song...  It was so beautiful, I could not help the happy tears from streaming down my face.

At our Celebratory event, Ashley sang two sets of three songs, all equally touching...

People came in from Whitaker Street  to hear her beautiful Song.  She is one of God's Sparrows and we are so thankful she shared her Divinity with us!!!




Posted on May 2, 2014 .