Gallery Curator & Manager


I am the curator of the gallery. My other (and favorite) role is that of Tiffani's mom.

I was born in Ogden Utah; but my fondest memories are of frequent visits to Wyoming. Time alone, with mother nature, the place where my heart could sing.  

Lifes greatest challenge and lives greatest blessings often converge: and for me, the result IS my BIO:

As sole provider for three young children, I realized that I needed to obtain a college education in order to support my family. I enrolled at Weber State University and the next years consisted of juggling motherhood with nursing program requirements. 

During this time the children took frequent trips with 'Mema &Pa' to Wyoming, which resulted in them too, realizing the magical reprieve of nature.  

Upon graduation,  I began my career a Registered Nurse.   For ten years I was employed by a hospital in Utah, where I had great experiences in various areas. 

I came to Savannah in 2005, where I continued my nursing career...
until April 2012, when the universe spoke, and I was able to be at the gallery with Tiffani full time.  So blessed,  to be able to witness the amazing energy, ever present in her art & always flowing  through her gallery.

What an amazing opportunity; to work side by side with Tiffani, and to be able to curate her amazing art!   Meeting the most amazing people, who appreciate, and love, every layer of the artist and her art.